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Other products that we offer:

1. Low latency Standalone Line Handler for Arrowhead

2. Arrowhead Exchange Emulator

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Our Products

1. Ryuusei: An Arrowhead DMA System

Ryuusei is high-frequency direct market access system (DMA) that allows the brokerage houses to provide no-touch stock exchange access for their clients viz., the buy-side companies. Ryuusei is presently live at TSE co-location and has proven to be very stable and able to handle high throughput; close to 2 million orders per day and well above 6 million messages per day. The modules implemented also include comprehensive risk checks, high-availability and a FIX interface. The order processing time is in the order of 50 micro seconds

Apart from handling common stocks (cash equities) it also handles CB's, margin orders, multiple-accounts and position-based risk checks for margin orders in addition to the standard risk checks for the automated orders. Ryuusei also does FIX routing for venues that are not the co-location environment (simple destination based order routing using FIX protocol) and pre-market open queuing functionality.

The following components of a standard DMA architecture are implemented in Ryuusei :

  • FIX Engine
  • Order Management System
  • Risk Checks: Both general and company specific - credit, operational, compliance risks as stipulated by different financial regulatory authorities
  • Exchange connectivities or Line-handlers
  • Automated fail-over or hot-standby: Optional high-availability feature.
  • Feed-handler
  • Drop-copy feeds: This stores all the trade details in a database for settlement processing (in a non-intrusive way so that it does not affect latency figures).
  • Monitoring: Extensive monitoring for support related activities. In brief the following features are part of default monitoring: session monitoring, Order details of active orders, Single-or-bulk cancel etc.



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