Customized Solutions for the Retail Industry

  • Management Information System (MIS): statistical information and analytics systems for strategic decision making, sales and marketing
  • Logistics: Web-bases tracking, inventory and order management systems
  • Finance Systems and HR management systems


Work-flow Analysis:

Providing expert consulting on a variety of business needs requiring well-designed, secure and simple but effective technology solutions.

Our Core Strengths

We specialize in building customized low-latency trading and banking applications.

Our low-latency, high-throughput DMA applications are handling upto 2 million messages per day and is among the top 3 systems by equities volume on TSE. They are also proven to be highly robust with an architecture complete with high-availability.

Presently we are focusing on SOR and Algo systems as well as client-side connectivities for Equities Trading Systems.


Customized Solutions Investment Banking

Equities Technology:

  • Trading Systems: Low latency, high frequency automated trading systems for Cash, Margin and Derivatives
  • Hedging systems
  • OEMs: order management and execution systems for Equity traders
  • Post-Trade analytics systems
  • Integrated front office applications for sales and traders, including trade information, market data analytics and statistical information
  • Middle-office: Automated allocation, figuration and reporting systems including real-time feeds from front-office systems and downstream feeds to settlement systems

Fixed Income Technology:

  • Trading systems for both cash and derivatives
  • Risk-management systems
  • Consultancy and analysis services to improve performance and reliability of existing systems

Customized Solutions Retail/Consumer Banking

  • Deposit Systems including fixed and savings deposits of various types
  • Remittance Systems
  • Transactions Processing including validation and authorization of customer transactions via multiple banking channels



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